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測驗名稱/項目 分數 A2 B1 B2 C1


41 48 58 64


Score Range

CEFR Level

Proficiency Descriptors
64-68 C1 Test takers at this level are typically able to: 
• express themselves fluently with very little effort or hesitation 
• produce speech that is clear and well-paced 
• use stress and intonation effectively to support the meaning of what is being said 
• use a broad range of grammatical structures and vocabulary to express themselves with precision on most topics
58-63 B2 Test takers at this level are typically able to: 
• produce stretches of mostly well-paced and fluent speech; however, they may hesitate at times as they try to recall certain expressions 
• use stress and intonation to convey meaning, though there may be some errors or native language influence 
• use a sufficient range of grammar and vocabulary to give clear descriptions and to express opinions comfortably on most topics


Test takers at this level are typically able to: 
• produce intelligible speech, although certain unfamiliar words are mispronounced, and pausing for planning and repair is evident 
• use stress, intonation and rhythm somewhat effectively to convey a message, although these may be influenced by their native language 
• use a good range of vocabulary related to familiar, everyday topics 
• express themselves on familiar subjects using basic grammatical structures but as topics become more unfamiliar and/or more complex, errors are more common and cause listener effort


Test takers at this level are typically able to: 
• speak clearly enough to be understood with some listener effort when talking about familiar, everyday topics; however, pronunciation and word stress errors are noticeable and highly influenced by the speaker’s native language 
• produce choppy speech, with frequent pauses and false starts 
• use a limited range of grammar and vocabulary 
• speak in short, memorized phrases to produce brief stretches of speech